Goree School Rededication

George Moore, assistant superintendent for alternative education with the Texarkana Independent School District, speaks Saturday at the dedication ceremony of the Goree Academic Learning Center. "I'm old enough to remember during integration when names were removed from schools and replaced with street names," he says, referring to Harrison G. Goree Elementary School, which the Academic Learning Center is named after. Goree was the founder and principal of New Town Elementary School, which was later named in Goree's honor.

TISD to hold dedication for Goree Academic Learning Center

December 15th, 2016

Texarkana Independent School District will hold a dedication ceremony at 3:30 p.m. Saturday to change the name of the Academic Learning Center to the Goree Academic Learning Center.

The ceremony will be held at the center, 3201 Lincoln Ave. It previously housed the OPTIONS Academic Alternative High School and the Bowie-Cass Adult Education and Family Literacy Program, and is now home to the Secondary Disciplinary Alternative Education Program. As the alternative education program moved, community members suggested renaming the campus in honor of the facility’s original name, the Harrison G. Goree Elementary School.

It originally opened in 1962 and contained an office, clinic, 12 classrooms, a workroom, a cafeteria and a maintenance room. All grade levels in the New Town School were moved to Goree when it opened.

Harrison G. Goree came to Texarkana, Texas from Atlanta, Texas, in 1912, and was principal of Sunset Elementary School. Later, he started the New Town School. He resigned as principal there in 1916 and was succeeded by his son, Virgil G. Goree. William H. Goree was elected principal in 1927 and served in the position until his death in 1948. W.K. Hicks became principal, and then E.P. Pierre took the position in 1959. The new facility was built and named the Harrison G. Goree Elementary School during Pierre’s tenure as principal.