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Junior Class

May Queen Festival

To the class of ’26 goes the credit of inaugurating the Popularity Contest and May Queen Festival.

In order to raise funds for the publishing of the Annual this year, a contest was staged among the schools of this twin city to determine by vote the most popular high school girl in these twin cities.

As a reward for the effort which must necessarily be put forth in such a contest the girl who by vote should prove her popularity would be declared the most popular school girl in these twin cities and crowned Queen of the May Festival on the evening of May 4th at Dunbar Auditorium.

The following schools were represented in the contest by the young ladies whose names are opposite each school respectively:

New Town – Miss Virginia Pigues
Washington High – Miss Earnestine Lawrence
Dunbar High – Miss William Oliver Burks ‘29
Dunbar High – Miss Lagather Powell ‘28
Dunbar High – Miss Geneva Worlds ‘27
Dunbar High – Miss Emma Mae Sasser ‘26

The contest was a great success from the very start. Interest was high and rivalry keen. The contest closed on Tuesday evening May 4th and Miss Emma Mae Sasser ‘26 D. H. S. was voted to be the most popular school girl in these twin cities and was crowned Queen of the May Festival in a ceremony that was beautifully executed. Miss William Oliver Burks ranked second in the voting and placed the crown upon the head of the queen. The queen, Miss Emma Mae Sasser polled 6,464 votes. Miss Burks polled 4,084 votes.

Mollie Garland ‘26

The Most Popular High School Girl in the Twin Cities
The Most Popular High School Girl in the Twin Cities

Domestic Science Class

Domestic Science Class
Domestic Science Class

The Dramatic Club

dramatics-62The Dramatic Club of Dunbar High School was organized in 1917. It is composed of High School students capable of the appreciation for dramatic art. The purpose of this club is to develop the dramatic talents of the high school students, in an effort to draw out and develop the latent abilities of dramatic talent. The Dramatic Club owes its years of success to the undaunted efforts of Mrs. F. E. Jackson.

The club has gained for itself much popularity by its dramatic productions. Each year has brought greater success; and now the “Annual Drama” is looked forward to by all with great pleasure.

The Dramatic Club
The Dramatic Club

The Buffalo Minstrels

Dunbar High School on the evening of April the 20th was the center of the performance of songs and dances, which the audience accepted with great appreciation. The lovers of music were filled with cheers of pleasure. When the melodious solos were rendered by the promising artists of the company. Ulyses Turner and Elsworth Towles starred as soloists. Other stars were William McWilburn, Horace Smith (Meechy), and Thomas Gadson, Marvin Marshall, Eddie Wheaton and Eugene Towles were very active entertainers.

Music was furnished by Gordon Harrison’s Jazz Trio. Thomas Gadson danced as a skillful artist. Horace Smith (Meechy), and George Turner were the comedians of the evening, recalling to our memory Bert Williams. Every selection received great applause.

The parts performed by members of the Senior Class of 1926 in “The Buffalo Minstrel,” we hope shall ever be filled by members who have similar talents.

Mr. Gordon Harrison, director, deserves great praise for the success of the minstrel.

Eva Johnson ‘26

The Buffalo Minstrels
The Buffalo Minstrels

The Choral Club

One writer said, “music is one of God’s best gifts to man.”

The Choral Club has for its main objects the creation, development, interpretation and appreciation of that finer art called “music.”

This club was organized in 1916 by Mr. B. A. Jackson, principal of the school, who labored hard, and with the assistance of Mr. Theron Jones, accomplished wonderful results. Later it was under the supervision of Miss Dovie Fearonce and Mrs. Jones who skillfully and artistically portrayed their musical ability through the club.

In the year of 1921 there entered another teacher in the person of Miss L. G. Easton. It progressed very rapidly during the two years she was supervisor.

It is now under the supervision of Miss Z. T. Pruitt, and Mrs. F. E. Jackson, who through untiring labor have successfully carried it to the greatest height.

The Choral Club
The Choral Club


The Buffaloes

athletics-70Although the Buffaloes lost the senior players of the previous year of which it was mostly composed, nevertheless, a much fierces and stronger herd of Buffaloes was produced, a team that stood second to one for the State Championship, a team that demonstrated the atmosphere of a rapidly growing high school in the most extreme part of Texas.

Trained to the highest degree by Coach B. A. Jackson and inspired by the noble deeds of Captain C. E. Owens who had for the second time led the Buffaloes, this team won the East Texas Championship and lost the state championship to Washington High of Dallas by only one point, after one of the greatest exhibitions of offensive and defensive playing ever seen on the local gridiron.

Capt. Clarence Owens All-State Quarterback "The Noblest of them All"
Capt. Clarence Owens – All-State Quarterback – “The Noblest of them All”

For fifty-seven minutes neither team was able to cross the other’s goal line or to produce a score in any way. Out weighted by the heavy Dallas team the Buffaloes finally yielded a touchdown to the Bulldogs in the last quarter. The extra point was tried for by Dallas and the effort failed but it was awarded to the Bulldogs because one of the Dunbar Players was off side.

When the team, lined up for the kickoff after this touchdown only three minutes remained for play. The Buffaloes were infuriated and they opened an offensive that will long be remembered by all, especially the Bulldogs.

Dallas kicked to Dunbar and the ball was downed on her 30 yard line. In just four plays, four consecutive forward passes, the Buffaloes had scored a touchdown. With a tie game in sight, the left end stumbled as he reached to receive the ball and the forward pass for the extra point. Dallas won by the score of 7-6.

1925 Record
1925 Buffalo Record

Eight games composed the Buffaloes schedule. Five were played at home, one of which was the Dallas game – was lost. Three games were played away from home, all of which were won.

The Buffaloes are a two year team, football being a new sport here, but in that time the team has lost only two games, and each of these two years, it has won the East Texas High School Championship.






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